Aviation North Carolina was founded in 2014 with the goal of promoting the future of aviation in  North Carolina.  Anyone can stay current on important aviation activity in North Carolina by signing up for our FREE newsletter or by visiting our site.  The Triad Region of North Carolina is rapidly becoming an important aviation in America.

There are over 22,000 individuals in our state that hold some type of aviation certificate. Tens of thousands more work in aviation related jobs. Businessmen, economic developers, and politicians all agree that aviation is a core industry in a thriving North Carolina economy today, and is the runway to a brighter economic future tomorrow. North Carolina is clearly an important aviation hub for America and its significance is growing daily.

The Triad region currently boasts over 6500 jobs in aviation. We have over 4500 FAA certificate holders in our area. Companies such as Hondajet, FedEx, HAECO, and B/E Aerospace are all located in our region and are adding jobs.  Honda Jet just recently announced the hiring of an additional 1200 people. Our central location on the East Coast with low cost/high quality of living makes the Triad area of North Carolina an ideal place to locate. And these companies need the high quality pool of workers we develop. Programs such as the Andrews High School Aviation Academy, Triad Aviation Academy, and the GTCC aviation college are developing the experienced, educated, and talented workforce required by the aviation industry.

You can count on Aviation North Carolina to keep you abreast of all the latest and relevant aviation news, events, and announcements.



Len started flight training in 1979 on a grass strip with no control tower in Hickory, NC.  Just after soloing he was transferred to Seattle, Washington where he finished up his training at Boeing Field … the 10th busiest airport in the country!

Len built and completed his RV-8A with the help of his son in 3 years, 8 months, and celebrated his first flight in October 2002. He has more than 2500 hours of flying time – most of that time in RVs – and holds Commercial and Instrument ratings.

Len travels the country in his RV performing with Team AeroDynamix Airshows … the world’s largest aerobatic formation team. During the week, Len is a realtor for Keller Williams specializing in the aviation industry. He currently lives in Greensboro with his wife Donna.



JC finished a 30 year career with Carlyle & Co. in 2009 after serving as Co-CEO for 23 years. He has chaired national industry boards and local non-profits, and currently serves on the board of Reeds Jewelers, and as a trustee at Woodberry Forest School.

JC’s passion for aviation started when he and his daughter started working on their private pilots license together when she was in high school. Today he combines his love for everything aviation with his interest in bringing more jobs to North Carolina with the creation of Aviation North Carolina.