For Sale: Lancair 360

1998 Lancair 360 (small tail) for sale $68,500 Lycoming O-360/180hp 329.0 TTAF  210 SMOH

Lightspeed Electronic Ign (R/H) Mag (L/H) Catto 3-blade fixed pitch 68″x88″

53 gallons fuel @ 10 gal/hr will cruise 190 kts  Last inspection March 2017

2016 AirVenture Cup Race 3rd place (avg speed 238mph incl 2 time to climb)

Electronics Intl Engine Monitor

Engine Pre-Oiler

James Cooling Plenum

Stratus ESG with 2S ADAHRS and WAAS GPS receiver

Foreflight w/ weather-traffic-synthetic vision-

MGL Airspeed/ Encoding Altimeter with stby baro/pneumatic instruments

AvMap Geopilot 2 plus GPS



PS Engineering intercom

Altrak Autopilot with independent GPS


Contact Wes Parker at :

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