For Sale: Lancair 360

1998 Lancair 360 (small tail) for sale $68,500 Lycoming O-360/180hp 329.0 TTAF  210 SMOH

Lightspeed Electronic Ign (R/H) Mag (L/H) Catto 3-blade fixed pitch 68″x88″

53 gallons fuel @ 10 gal/hr will cruise 190 kts  Last inspection March 2017

2016 AirVenture Cup Race 3rd place (avg speed 238mph incl 2 time to climb)

Electronics Intl Engine Monitor

Engine Pre-Oiler

James Cooling Plenum

Stratus ESG with 2S ADAHRS and WAAS GPS receiver

Foreflight w/ weather-traffic-synthetic vision-

MGL Airspeed/ Encoding Altimeter with stby baro/pneumatic instruments

AvMap Geopilot 2 plus GPS



PS Engineering intercom

Altrak Autopilot with independent GPS


Contact Wes Parker at :

Diamond Aircraft announces NC as part of demonstration tour

Skies Magazine

Diamond Aircraft is continuing with the 2016 U.S. aircraft demonstration tours after successful tours of the Southwest and Southeast over the past several months. This next phase of the tour will be visiting North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts beginning May 20 at the AOPA Fly-In in Beaufort, N.C.
“Diamond is excited to launch the next tour of 2016 in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions,” said Peter Maurer, president and CEO of Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. (Canada). “This is a great opportunity for many U.S. based pilots to not only fly the stunning new seven-seat DA62, but to experience firsthand the ease of operation, sophistication, performance and efficiency of our jet fuel burning Austro piston engines.”
Diamond’s all new DA62 offers twin engines safety with operating simplicity comparable to high performance singles, due to full authority digital engine control (FADEC) controlled single lever powerplants. With flight into known ice certification, it is a superb choice for reliable and capable four season transportation along the coast and over open water.

Want to buy or sell a jet? Greensboro firm makes it easier

 Duncan said the company’s website is designed to facilitate the buying and selling of general aviation aircraft and provide information about the options that can be installed on the planes. Sellers can sign up for free to list their jet on the website, which provides viewers with a snapshot of a specific aircraft including price, damage history and what upgrades are needed.
Meanwhile, buyers are also able to visit Aircraft Intelligence’s website for free to scan various jets “instead of going to eight or nine different websites to see the aircraft listed for sale,” Duncan said. “We give the valuation part of it, like what you’d see in a (Kelley) Blue Book for a car,” Duncan said. “We provide all the damage history of the aircraft like what you’d find from CarFax, and then we provide all the upgrades that you can do.”  He said the website also helps brokers determine the most likely buyers of a specific jet.
“We create a lead score for them to be able to say, ‘This is who is most likely to purchase it,’” he said.
Duncan said Aircraft Intelligence makes its money by providing hypertargeted advertisements on the website. He declined to disclose advertisers, but said they would be large avionics manufacturers like Garmin. It’s a more effective route for advertisers than placing an ad in a magazine and “hoping that someone to whom it would apply would pick up that magazine,” he said.
“The ads would appear on the specific aircraft listed for sale,” he said. “We’re able to show the specific products that apply to specific aircraft, so ours is a really targeted ad as opposed to a generalized banner ad.”
Jones started the firm after spending about a dozen years in aircraft sales. He previously worked as vice president of sales for aircraft manufacturer Columbia Aircraft and also worked as an aircraft sales manager for fixed-based operator Atlantic Aero.
He expects Aircraft Intelligence to break even in early 2016.